Saturday, March 5, 2011

At $35.69, Silver Is Heading Through The Roof!

The precious metals market has had an interesting week going in to the month of March. Silver, which so happens to be my favorite PM, has been hovering between $34 and $36 this week closing in at jaw dropping $35.69 USD! Gas is what $3876.00 a gallon now? Haha! On a more serious note; The tension and events going on in the middle-east have definitely affected the prices of these commodities. What is the world coming to?  I tell what it is coming to, alternative energy sources and more sustainable lifestyles. That's if anyone cares about our own future. When the prices of precious metals take huge jumps like they did this week, it is not the investors that take profit, it is those who are holding cash and money in savings losing valuable spending power. If you invest today in something that gives high returns, you will be maintaining your purchasing power for tomorrow. In other words, when you make a high yielding investment, if you buy a gallon on gas tomorrow, you will be getting that gallon for the price it was yesterday. Save today to prepare for tomorrow. Peace!

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