Monday, February 21, 2011

Stocking Up On Basic Commodities and Precious Metals Are Kryptonite To an Economic Depression.

As the pecious metals price spike continues, I recommend focusing on commodities and basic neccessities.  Those are the items that will be much needed in the beginning of the end of our currency. Due to the imminent inflation our nation is facing, silver (AG) has reached over $33.00 (troy oz) and gold (AU) is holding a steady position above $1380.00 (troy oz) well into the beginning of this week of trading. It is definitely a bitter-sweet moment to see the price spike of these soon to be remonetized metals. The harsh reality is many of our fellow Americans and family members are not protecting themselves with the "currency" that really matters, commodities (which many base metals and precious metals fall under). With that being said, the least and most valuable advice I could give you today is to not save paper, but to stack up precious metals and supplies instead! Check out the external links on the right for a more detailed analysis of the matters at hand. Peace folks!

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