Monday, April 25, 2011

Silver Bull-Market: Silver Reaches 30-Year High On April, 25 2011

Today, silver reached a high of $49.85 USD! This was a short, yet exciting fluctuation as it also reached a low of $45.66. What is believe to have happened  goes a little like this; Once the price of the shiny metal shot past $49, there was a massive sell-off or profit taking with the holders of the SLV paper shares.  Now that the price has dropped, those who have sold earlier today at $49 are increasing their positions with newly bought shares at the $45 -$46.00 mark. The American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) is  also advertising to metal investors, that they are seeking to buy back their silver and gold! The precious metals company is offering $38.00 over spot for gold and $3.00 over spot for silver of ANY quantity.  American Precious Metals Exchange has to buy silver and gold to fulfill orders!  Hold onto your ounces physical silver and gold! I wouldn't be so quick to dump just yet.  Paper SLV and GLD holders are another story. The only plausible advantage  paper contract holders have is the advantage of dumping (selling their shares) at daily highs and increasing their holdings (purchasing more) during daily lows within a short time frame. This is what I call, "playing the stock market."

Happy investing!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Small Changes; Big Prices.

The last time I wrote to you all, silver was on it's way to the $36 mark. Today, a month and a half later, it's holding up above $43!!! That is a gain of over 16%! Somebody, ANYBODY, please tell me what investment fund, IRA, 401k, bond or commodity gives a 16%+ return in the span of 45 days? As far as receiving an answer, I'll quote comedian Katt Williams; "Don't worry, I'll Wait. Gold is constantly reaching new highs, world gasoline prices have people on the verge of a boycott and staple commodity prices are steadily on the rise; with an average of 5% increases and up!  There is a feeling of imminent financial doom in the air and I don't see where much is being done on the part of America's financial sector to stop it.  The world is very aware of this with much talk of dropping the U.S. dollar from the world reserve currency, and more action in doing so. Protect yourselves and get out of paper currency before it's too late...

Unless you like the idea of paper being worth $80 per ton.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

At $35.69, Silver Is Heading Through The Roof!

The precious metals market has had an interesting week going in to the month of March. Silver, which so happens to be my favorite PM, has been hovering between $34 and $36 this week closing in at jaw dropping $35.69 USD! Gas is what $3876.00 a gallon now? Haha! On a more serious note; The tension and events going on in the middle-east have definitely affected the prices of these commodities. What is the world coming to?  I tell what it is coming to, alternative energy sources and more sustainable lifestyles. That's if anyone cares about our own future. When the prices of precious metals take huge jumps like they did this week, it is not the investors that take profit, it is those who are holding cash and money in savings losing valuable spending power. If you invest today in something that gives high returns, you will be maintaining your purchasing power for tomorrow. In other words, when you make a high yielding investment, if you buy a gallon on gas tomorrow, you will be getting that gallon for the price it was yesterday. Save today to prepare for tomorrow. Peace!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stocking Up On Basic Commodities and Precious Metals Are Kryptonite To an Economic Depression.

As the pecious metals price spike continues, I recommend focusing on commodities and basic neccessities.  Those are the items that will be much needed in the beginning of the end of our currency. Due to the imminent inflation our nation is facing, silver (AG) has reached over $33.00 (troy oz) and gold (AU) is holding a steady position above $1380.00 (troy oz) well into the beginning of this week of trading. It is definitely a bitter-sweet moment to see the price spike of these soon to be remonetized metals. The harsh reality is many of our fellow Americans and family members are not protecting themselves with the "currency" that really matters, commodities (which many base metals and precious metals fall under). With that being said, the least and most valuable advice I could give you today is to not save paper, but to stack up precious metals and supplies instead! Check out the external links on the right for a more detailed analysis of the matters at hand. Peace folks!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Silver Reaches $32.66 on Feburary 18, 2011!!!!!

WOW! is the first thing that came to my mind when I checked Kitco for the updated value of silver. This precious metal is performing like an investor's dream! I can also bet that those who are using silver as a hedge against inflation are also extremely satisfied.

The percentage of gain over the course of today reached over 3% and for the last year 106%!!!! While some may think it's too late to jump into silver investing now,  I would recommend no hesitation in taking advantage of this precious opportunity while you can. There is still time to invest in silver and expect tremendous returns due to it being historically under-valued.

This gargantuan price hike leads new investors and collectors alike to ask the important question: What has driven silver to have such a dramatic price spike over the course of this last year? Let's just say I would simply answer with the metaphor; silver is like water; you can block the flow, but it'll always remember its course.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Silver: Not For The Faint Of Heart!

One month into 2011 and we have had some gut wrenching trading days in silver! It bounced from $30 to $26 and is now holding up over $28 into February. I hope you investors haven't been so discouraged just yet. Even if you jumped in last year and sold on the dips of the new year, you still have profited, but in my opinion, much too early. So hold the stomach nerves and enjoy the ride for 2011.

Friday, December 31, 2010

How Do You Think Precious Metals Will Perform in 2011

2010 has been a very interesting and prosperous year for the precious metals market. Many are anxiously awaiting to see how the investing cycle will continue in 2011. What do you think will happen with precious metals in 2011 during these times of financial uncertainty?